Greg Palkovics  -  Morgan West  -  Marianne Wellman

Early in the project...

We are developing an interactive music experience, using the Arduino Mega and SparkFun Music Instrument Shield to create sounds which will be coordinated with various modes and triggered by touch sensors. We are imagining the product to be a rectangular box with wooden sides, and an acrylic top with touch sensors and LED light below the surface with indicators of where to touch, as well as knobs / sliders / buttons to enable adjustments such as power, volume, mode.  Speakers will either be connected through the Music Instrument Shield’s auxiliary jack, or soldered internally.
We started our project with an initial music box concept and started to create some sketches, project proposal and a bill of materials. Once we got further in our project we started to think about the SCHEMATICS and the location and well as the placement of certain components. Not shortly after we received our basic elements such as the Arduino board and the Sparkfun shield we began to test our idea and hopefully get the project working.

Arduino Mega (35$) -Operating Voltage 5V /Input Voltage 7-12V
SparkFun Music Instrument Shield (30$) Purchasing from Amazon
8x Touch Sensors (Working through ¼ Acrylic sheet)
Possibly SparkFun Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout
Minimum 8x Single Color LEDs - To backlight the 4x2 grid structure.
Large Sized breadboard
8x 220 ohm Resistor
3x Push Button - Changing sounds and instruments
3x Potentiometer - one for each buttons.
1x Potentiometer - controlling the volume of the sound.
1x Switch - Turn ON/OFF
Wired Headphones for testing
We reached the point after hours of soldering and connecting the basic component we got the music shield to play the basic pre built and loaded sounds. While this was half success and a major point in our project, we took it further and were able to connect the touch sensor to the shield a give each pin an unique sound to play. Now we got our own synthesizer that we can continue to develop and add LED's and the overall final design.
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